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Pruning berry bushes is a must-have procedure for gardening, and in this article we will tell you how to tidy up a neglected gooseberry bush that has not been pruned for years. Why pruning gooseberries is a must. Pruning is an effective and affordable way of caring for a Missing: Islamorada FL. How to prune gooseberry bushes. The first thing to understand is the ultimate shape we want to gooseberry bushes to be in.

For most gooseberry bushes this is the ‘open goblet’ or ‘upward facing palm’ shape.

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There are other ways to train them such as cordons and wall training but that’s usually reserved for more advanced treecleanup.pwg: Islamorada FL. Mar 22, This pruning should not remove fruit, as fruit develops mainly on the older wood, not the current season’s growth. 2. In winter, spur prune all side shoots by cutting them back to one to three buds from the base.

Shorten branch tips by one quarter, cutting to a suitable outward facing bud. 3.

Mulch is important for gooseberries because it helps to conserve soil moisture.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 each year as maintenance treecleanup.pwg: Islamorada FL. Pruning Gooseberry bushes need to be pruned annually between late autumn and late winter when gooseberries are dormant.

Pick a day when the weather’s going to be dry to reduce the risk of fungal infections. Your goal is to cut back new growth to two buds Missing: Islamorada FL. Nov 23, Pruning Gooseberry Bushes. Prune established gooseberry bushes to encourage an open, evenly spaced branch structure. This will let in plenty of light while allowing for good air circulation to discourage disease. Prune the previous season’s growth back by a half to keep gooseberry bushes productive. Most pruning is completed in winter when Missing: Islamorada FL.

Keith, now, before the beginning of July you need to lightly prune the current year's growth of your gooseberry bush. Cut it back to about 5 leaves. Don't cut out last year's growth as this is what will give you your gooseberries come Memorial Day! However, by cutting back the leaves you are forcing the plant to put more energy into the treecleanup.pwg: Islamorada FL.

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