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Redbud plants are particularly susceptible to canker and verticillium wilt.

How to Prune a Redbud Tree Assess the tree's natural shape. Prune the tree in early summer after the end of blooming. Next cut off any branches that cross over or rub on each other. In late winter, prune all the dead and diseased wood. Prune trees when young. May 22, Redbud trees have 2 branches that stem from the trunk; this is known as a V-shaped junction.

Unfortunately, these can break off during harsh windy or icy conditions. Cutting 1 of these branches off will help reduce damage. Cut your desired branch off, 4 to 5 92%(40). Prune your newly planted redbud bush to remove any misshapen, damaged or dead branches. Follow the natural form of your redbud to shape the shrub.

Prune the redbud in the fall to maintain a natural growth habit and to trim off any dead branches.

Remove entire branches instead of just the tips. To keep the structure of your redbud strong, prune to reduce the length of lateral branches. U-shaped crotches are evidence of good structure but remove V-shaped. Oct 12, Eastern Redbud trees are generally pruned by pinching, thinning, and shearing.

Step 1 - Pinch Eastern Redbuds are usually pinched back while they are still young. Their stem shoots are removed in order to promote branching and to avoid the need for aggressive pruning in the future. Pruning in winter can cause bloom loss. Remove crossing, diseased, and dead branches first. Before pruning your redbud for shape, stand back and examine the shrub's natural form. The lower branches are helping the trunk develop girth and stability.

Nov 21, - Pruning can help you to make your redbud tree grow properly. See more of our favorite flowering trees in our curated design guide to. The western redbud (Cercis occidentalis or Cercis orbiculata Greene) is a California native that grows either as a 7- to foot shrub or to foot tall tree, depending on how it is pruned.


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