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To do this, you will need to locate these dead branches and remove them.

Jun 25, Like many flowering trees and shrubs, the best time to prune a dogwood tree is when the tree is dormant. For the dogwood tree, this is in the late fall and winter. However, as we mentioned, there are two types of pruning: completely removing dead or diseased limbs to keep the tree healthy or trimming old blooms to promote new growth and treecleanup.pwted Reading Time: 9 mins.

Best Time to Prune a Dogwood Tree. People ask if they can trim a dogwood in the summer or cut back a dogwood in the fall, but the best time to prune a dogwood tree is in late fall until late winter. This is when the dogwood is completely dormant.

There are 2 main reasons to only prune during the dormant period. Insects and oozing sap. Dogwood Borer Insect. The first reason is probably the most important treecleanup.pwted Reading Time: 6 mins. For hard or rejuvenating pruning, prune the older stems or canes in the late winter while the dogwood shrub is dormant. For general shaping, prune the shrub right after it has finished blooming up to July.

When you prune will depend entirely on what type of pruning you are doing. Let’s talk about each type of pruning and when it should be treecleanup.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins. May 12, Also, trying to prune genetics can be a challenge. Kousa dogwoods are genetically an upright, vase-shaped tree. Our native dogwoods grow quite differently, more reaching, horizontal branching.

With that said, you can prune now to force branches a certain direction. Also, remember that this tree is putting on flower blooms in the treecleanup.pwg: Molino FL. Step 1 Prune when the kousa dogwood is dormant, in late fall or early winter.

Once the dead limb is off, you can then cut the stub off at the collar.

Do not prune when the tree is flowering in the spring, or you will make it vulnerable to dogwood borers, one of the very few pests that seriously affect it. Step 2Missing: Molino FL. Oct 31, This tree will be pruned again next year and most likely the year after as well. Well maintained trees can be pruned as little as once every 3 years and that is the long term goal for this tree to get it on a 3-year pruning cycle with just minimum touch up during the year.

And what about the B-Form Dogwood tree? Missing: Molino FL. Nov 25, From late fall to late winter, the flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) tree goes dormant and this is the best time for pruning dogwood trees. Once they start to bud, you would be cutting off the Missing: Molino FL. Sep 21, Prune when the kousa dogwood is dormant, in late fall or early winter. Think of the kousa dogwood in thirds. Snip off branches on the lower third of the remaining trunk with pruning shears and the tree will grow taller, faster.

Allow the kousa to grow for the rest of the year without any further pruning except for deadwood or storm damage as it Missing: Molino FL.

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